Spit the dummy

Spit the dummy
get very upset at something; throw a tantrum

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • spit the dummy — Reference to an infant spitting out their dummy (or pacifier) in order to cry. To spit the dummy is to give up …   The small dictionary of idiomes

  • spit the dummy — verb To overreact (as an adult) to a situation childishly, in an angry or frustrated manner. Hell really spit the dummy when he hears that hes been fired... Syn: throw a tantrum …   Wiktionary

  • spit the dummy — To indulge in a sudden display of anger or frustration; to lose one s temper. The phrase is usually used of an adult, and the implication is that the outburst is childish, like a baby spitting out its dummy in a tantrum and refusing to be… …   Australian idioms

  • spit the dummy — vb Australian to lose one s temper, express one s anger. The image is presumably that of a baby expelling its pacifier in a fit of rage …   Contemporary slang

  • spit the dummy — I Australian Slang get very upset at something; throw a tantrum II Kiwi (New Zealand Slang) to throw a tantrum or get mad …   English dialects glossary

  • spit the dummy — to throw a tantrum or get mad. From Niki …   Kiwi (New Zealand slang)

  • spit — I. /spɪt / (say spit) verb (spat or spit, spitting) –verb (i) 1. to eject saliva from the mouth; expectorate. 2. to do this at or on a person, etc., to express hatred, contempt, etc. 3. to sputter. 4. to fall in scattered drops or flakes, as rain …  

  • dummy — /ˈdʌmi / (say dumee) noun (plural dummies) 1. an imitation or copy of something, as for display, to indicate appearance, exhibit clothing, etc. 2. Colloquial a stupid person; dolt. 3. someone who has nothing to say or who takes no active part in… …  

  • Dummy (Album) — Dummy Studioalbum von Portishead Veröffentlichung 1994 (17. Oktober) Label Go! Discs/London …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • dummy spit — noun The act of overreacting (as an adult) to a situation childishly, in an angry or frustrated manner. Did you hear about Johns dummy spit over the management changeover? Syn: tantrum …   Wiktionary

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